Takako in Santa Fe

Takako Designer Jewelry

322 E. Main St. Fredericksburg Texas. 78624

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Takako Designer Jewelry is a collection of original designed and handcrafted “Sculpted" Jewelry by Takako. Designs created in Bronze and Silver with all natural gemstones of Amethyst, Black Onyx, Carnelian, Lapis, Malachite or Arizona Turquoise. She does all the work in her studio here in Fredericksburg Texas

Each piece of jewelry that Takako creates is unique in design only to her. She sculpts each piece in jewelers wax with a fine scalpel that she heats over a small alcohol flame. Once the small sculpture is completed we cast it into either golden bronze or pure sterling silver in our foundry in New Mexico. Once the casting is complete she finishes each piece and hand sets the gemstones. Takako signs each piece with her TK and Heart logo. The process can take several weeks from the beginning of creation until the new piece of jewelry is ready for it’s new home.
“All of my intuition, imagination, inspiration and creativity come from what I feel in my heart. When I am working in my studio it is a spiritual meditating experience for me. I focus all my attention and energy into my work, there is nothing else. For each gemstone there is a harmony with the designs I create. "Each gemstone has a power.  That power when connected with the right person makes their life richer. When I hold the gemstone in my hands, I visualize a design for just that stone.With my jewelry designs I wish for the gemstone to become a Cinderella. My passion is for the gemstone and the person to connect and by wearing my jewelry brings out all the joy, happiness and beauty in that person".Takako